MIzzou Cycling Sam the Eagle Cross Challenge

Bubba 4.5


Mizzou Cycling Presents:

Sam the Eagle Cross Challenge

Saturday, November 10th, 2007 


 Entry Fees: $7.00, Collegiate: $12.00 (Cheapest USCF Cyclocross Race you'll ever see!)

The Skinny - This race is being held in conjunction with the second ever Midwest Colegiate Cycling Conference cyclocross season. The Collegiate series will continue the next day in STL with Bubba Cross, but we needed to host a Saturday race as lucky you, this will be a chilled out event. For you serious racers, consider it a practice race...for the rest of us, consider this a cheap and relaxed way to try the growing sport of cyclocross in a race situation, and keep the party going at Bubba Cross on Sunday.

Start Times     



 Start Time


 Rung what ya Brung!* 35 min 11:00AM High fives
 Open 45 min 11:45AM Schwag to top 3
 Collegiate 45 min 12:40PM Points

*You are not eligible for the Rung what ya Brung category if you have raced more that a couple of cyclocross races. This is a way for those with mountain bikes to try out cyclocross in a race situation.


 Where:  Mizzou Cycling DS course/Navy Rappelling Tower...South on  College, West on Ashland Rd (by the hospital)-follow signs from  there.

The Course  will not include manmade barriers, but will probably require you to dismount. This will be old school, all natural features.

Info, Questions, Comments- Contact Shannon Miller (816)686-7607