Bike Boxing and Shipping

Going on a Bike Trip?

You must memorize and recite this page- These are the RULES

Every time you have to bring your bike to an event you will have to decide if you want to box the bike yourself, or have a shop do it for you.  Then, for shipping, you can either take it on an airplane with you or have it shipped and be there waiting for you.  Either way, we can help you out.  But there are some things to keep in mind before it's time to take off.


The Rules:

1. We charge $40 to professionally box your bike.  This can be done either in the industry standard cardboard box, with professional protective supplies, and then some (all included), or a hard case provided by you, or rented through us).  If you're packing it yourself, stop by and we will probably have a few boxes laying around you can use.

2. PLEASE keep in mind that this takes a while, and we get extremely busy in the racing season.  This normally goes in as a repair would, first come, first served.  It can get a couple weeks backed up sometimes, so either drop it off well ahead of time, or call early to set up an appointment for the boxing.  Otherwise, a nice attitude and plenty of beer and cookies go along way.

3. Then, whatever UPS charges us for the actual shipping charges. (we don't make money on that part, nor do we have control over it)  Out of state, we commonly see charges anywhere from $80 - $120.  If you are flying with your bike, check with your airline to see how much they will charge you.  This can very drastically between airlines.  For example: Delta can be quite high, Southwest can be much less.  You may even factor this in when buying your ticket.  If you save another $40 by going with airline X, but they charge you another $100 to bring your bike...  you get the idea.

4. Don't forget that you'll have to either have a shop assemble your bike on the other end (This can easily add another $60), or you'll have to learn how (and have the tools) to do it yourself.

5. Make sure they get there in time to be assembled.  This can be a few days, or in the busy season, even a couple weeks for some shops!  Ask them (nicely) if there's a way to set up an appointment, and when it needs to arrive to be picked up by a certain day.  You'll need to budget time for shipping (sometimes a week for cross country ground shipments), building the bike (up to the shop and how busy they are), and checking out the bike to make sure everything is dialed in BEFORE the race.  The more you plan ahead, the more the shop can help you out.

6. Let them know what kind of bike you have when you give your info.  That way when a box shows up with your bike in it, they'll know what the heck it's doing there.