2017 Vann Knight Tuesday Night World Championship Criterium Training Series 3/14/17 to 8/29/17


Try Bicycle Racing!

March 14 - August 29, 2017

When: March 14 - August 29

What: Criteriums are a mass start bicycle racing format that is extremely popular in the US, especially in Carondelet Park.

Why: Criterium racing is terrific for improving speed, tactics, positioning, handling and fitness.

How it Works: Each race lasts a specified duration plus three laps with the final lap signalled by the ringing of a bell.

Team Competition: The best overall team will win a $1000 cash prize sponsored by Castelli. Please click here for the details on the competition.

Race Information:

Most evenings there are four races: A, B, C and Juniors U-18.

  • The "A Race" will be for USA Cycling Category 1, 2 and 3 licensed racers.
  • The "B Race" will be for USA Cycling Category 4 licensed Men, Category 1/2/3 licensed Women and Masters 40+ Category 1/2/3 Men.
  • The "C" Race will be for USA Cycling Category 5 Men, Category 4/5 Women and 1 Day License Holders.
  • The "Juniors" Race will be for Under 18 Boys Category 4/5 and Under 18 Girls Category 4/5 and 1 day license holders.

Big Shark will offer two classroom setting training classes in store and two racing clinics at Carondelet Park (off of the bike). Information covered will be very useful to anyone considering racing. Pre-register or just show up!

The Course - is an open .7 mile loop with a fast downhill turn + a bit of elevation gain.  Pavement quality is near perfect and corners are very safe. 

The Perfunctory Stipulation - In exchange for usage of the course, St. Louis City has requested that local racers simply respect the Park and the residents of the adjacent neighborhood. 

Parking-The area and facilities will be available as close to 5:30 pm as possible. Please do not park blocking the one-way access loop on the west side of the course.

Race Results: Here

Registration is on site only and opens around 5:00 pm each Tuesday.  Registration closes 30 seconds prior to the start of each race. Numbers issued are for the entire series. Fees are as follows:

  • Your first race of the season: $20
  • All other race nights: $15
  • Your 2nd race on the same night: $3
  • Fees include a $4.35 per rider insurance surcharge/BAR fee.
  • Season Pass- Before March 14th, you can purchase all 25 races for $300. This includes a 2nd race on the same evening. Normally $380.
  • The Junior Race (starts May 9th): $12

Important!  ALL participants must have a current year USA Cycling license (1-Day and Annuals are available on site).  Riders must report to registration each evening to be included on the start list.

Primes and Prizes for this year's races are provided by Chef Gerard Craft and Pastaria!



Start Time




USAC Category 4/5 Boys, Category 4/5 Girls, U18


25 Minutes

Top 6

 "A" Race

USAC Cat 1/2/3, Women 1/2/3


45 + 3 laps

Top 6

"B" Race

 Cat 4 Men, Women 1/2/3, Men 40+ Cat 1-3


30 + 3 laps

Top 6

"C" Race

Category 5, One Day, Juniors Cat 5, Women 4


25 +3 laps

Top 6

Fine Print:

  • The "A,"B" and "C" races will each have one 'open' prime.
    The "B" and "C" races and will each have one women's prime.
  • The "C" Race starts at 5:30pm March 14 -  May 2. Beginning on May 9 this race will be at 7:40pm.
  • The Juniors races at 5:30pm begins on May 9.

Directions:  Take 44 East to I-55 South. Exit at the Loughborough Exit.  Take the 1st right turn into Carondelet Park. Carondelet Park is also at the Southern termination of Grand Blvd at its intersection with Holly Hills.

  • For additional information call: #314/862-1188 or email Mike Weiss,

Please note: Hazardous riding, unsportsmanlike conduct, and unsafe equipment will not be tolerated. Ride smart, safe, and with respect.

Thanks to R & R Sanitation for supplying our "facilities".

Held under USAC Permit

Course Map