2017 Castelli Vann Knight Tuesday Night Worlds Team Competition

How it works                                                                                                                    

  1. Each week the top finisher from each correctly registered team* in each race offering will earn one point.
  2. Each evening, in each race, there will be a Castelli Team Hot Spot Prime per each race offering each week where the winner will earn one point for their team towards the competition. Women's prime winners also earn one point toward the standings. 
  3. The team with the most points (across all the races/categories) will win $1000 CASH & $TBD in CREDIT towards Castelli custom apparel.
  4. To be clear, there is only one team prize on offer based on total points amongst all the races/categories offered, not one team prize per category.
  5. Ties broken by team who scored the most points on the last night raced. If still tied will look to team that scored the most points the previous week and so on.
  6. Leaders Jersey: A separate omnium standing will be held for each race. Points will be awarded top 6 spots (7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1).  The top A racer, top B Racer, top C racer will be eligible to wear the jersey. 1 point will be awarded for the top woman finisher in the A and B races and the top overall junior in the junior's race. The top woman A, top woman B and top junior will be eligible to wear the leaders jersey. 

*Correctly registered team means that for points to count for a team rider the rider's team name must be correct on both their BikeReg and USA Cycling profiles. We will not correct these manually on the results sheet until it's corrected by the rider in BikeReg and USA Cycling.