2014 Tour de Kirkwood Triathlon 7/27/14

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

2014 Results

The Tour de Kirkwood Triathlon is back! The perfect race for a first time triathlete or a veteran looking to put the finishing touches on your summer fitness.

PARKING INFORMATION: Click here for the Parking PDF

CHECKLIST: Click here for a helpful pre-race athlete checklist!

ATHLETE'S EVENT LETTER: Click here for letter 

TRI-FECTA DEAL: Flyer good for one free Pedal Hard session, $50 off a fit, and 10% off a tri bike



SWIM: 400 yard pool swim - serpentine course with a time trial start.  Fastest swimmers to the front. Start line up begins at 7:15 AM


BIKE: 10 miles -Please be sure to review the course mapage below


RUN: 3 miles (yep, three MILES!- we promise)


START: 7:30 AM Start Time. Transition Zone open at 6:00 AM. Closes at 7:15 AM


AWARDS:   The Kirkwood Tri is a beginner/participatory event- and no Awards, Age Group or Overall are awarded. This has been the intent of the event since its inception. Come race, TRI and enjoy the spirit of the event.


REGISTRATION: Pre-Registration is OPEN. Individual entry is $50. Team entry is $85. There is a small surcharge for online registration. There is no race day entry. The field limit is 350 athletes for the individual competition so sign up early. This event does sell out.



Directions: The Tour de Kirkwood is based at the Kirkwood Community Center in Kirkwood, Missouri- in St. Louis County. The swimming complex is located just past Adams Road and Geyer Rd.


Orange Theory Fitness:

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The Orange 60 workout is interval-based cardio and strength training program, backed by the science of target zone heart-rate monitoring.  Heart-rate monitor training is designed to keep your heart rate in the “Orange Zone” stimulating your metabolism and giving you increased energy!  Extra calorie burning takes place up to 36 hours after  the workout.  The Orange 60 workout  has been featured in the New York Times and is touted as the “best one hour workout in the country.”

During the Orange 60 workout  you will use treadmills, rowing machines, TRX suspension training, and free weights. The Orange 60 workout helps build strength, increases energy,  and tones and shapes your body.  Participants of all different fitness levels burn 600-1000 calories in a 60 minute session. 

Orange Theory Fitness will be located at 9434 Manchester  Road in Rock Hill, MO.  We are scheduled to open in mid-October .  We will be offering discounted memberships beginning tomorrow (July 28th).  Please contact us at (314) 736-1170 to learn more about this great workout and to join.

Please email mike@bigshark.com if you are interested in partnering with the Tour de Kirkwood Triathlon.

QUESTIONS: Ask us anything, anytime. Event Directors: Sean Thurman Email: sean@bigshark.com, or Mike Weiss, mike@bigshark.com Shark LOOP 314/862-1188

Bike Map

Run Map