2015 Gateway Cup Cake and Bottle Cap Dash 11/7/15

Two Epic Competitions Featuring Sport, Cupcakes and Carbonation

Presented by American Eagle Credit Union


When: Both events, Back to Back, Saturday, November 8th, Central Field (east side), Forest Park

  • 9:00 am- The Gateway Cupcake 5K Run & Walk
  • 11:00 am- The Bottle Cap Dash 5K Boot Camp Edition 5K Run
  • 1:00 pm- The Bottle Cap Youth Mini Boot Camp Edition 1.5K Run

Benefiting:  Lift For Life Academy- St. Louis’ first charter school serving city children.

Be the Best of Both:

  • First Place in each race (Both the Gateway Cup Cake AND the Bottle Cap Dash- combined times) will receive a 20 Person Boxing Class from Sweat Fitness complete with appetizers and drinks.
  • 2nd and 3rd place finishers each race (Both the Gateway Cup Cake and the Bottle Cap Dash- combined times) will recieve and In-Home Wine Tasting from PRP Wine International for up to 12 people, with 8 bottles of wine presented by a professional wine consultant.  Top male and female finisher in each of the races.

Register for Both Events and Save $15

Event 1: The Gateway Cupcake 5K Run & Walk.

A classic battle between those who eat and those who compete.  The Gateway Cup Cake will pit speedy runners against speedy eaters in a battle between foot and mouth. Participants can deduct up to 5 minutes per Cupcake at 5  Cupcake Stations along the race course for a maximum of 25 minutes off of their finishing time.

 The Rules.

  • Cupcake Stations will be positioned at (roughly)KM 1, KM 2, KM 3, KM 4.5 and just before the Finish Line. Cup Cakes must be consumed at each rest station in the Cupcake Consumption Corral. Failure to keep the Cup Cakes down will result in disqualification and nausea.
  • Only one cupcake can be eaten per station. Please use wit and tactics.There will be two types of cupcakes available per Cupcake Station. Mini Cupcakes- worth a 2 minute time deduction or the 'Standard'- worth a 5 minute time deduction.
  • Hang on to your Cupcake Toppers to recieve the time bonuses- you have to turn them in. 2 Minute Cupcakes will have "2" Topper. 5 Minute Cupcakes will have a "5" Topper. Just cause. We'll collect them at the finish line. 


  • The Overall Gateway Cup Cake 5K winner’s award, The Gateway Cup Cake, will be given to the fastest finisher- real time or Cup Cake adjusted time.
  • Top 3 men and women overall in both the Cupcake Adjusted Time Category and Real Time Category will win TBD Amazing Gift Certificates and a signature something Awesome, also TBD.
  • Edible Age Group Awards will be given to winners in both the Eater and Competer categories.

The Cupcakes:

Provided by McArthur's Bakery. Sinfully delicious.


  • You can enter in one of the following categories:
  • Eater- Male Cupcake Eater, Female Cupcake Eater
  • Competer- Men Who Runs Past Cupcakes, Women Who Runs Past Cupcakes

Age Groups: (Men and Women): 8-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44,45-49, 50-54,55-59, 60-64,65-69 and 70+

Schwag: All Athletes will receive a category specific (Eater or Competer) amazing event shirt if signed up by 10/19/2014....and… the opportunity to eat a lot of delicious Cupcakes while racing. We only guarantee event shirts to pre-registered athletes. If you miss out on a shirt we will offer a commemorative/collectors pint glass. There will NOT be cupcakes at the Finish don't hold back...

Race and Route Information: The Run will take place on the streets of Forest Park by the Jewel Box. All racers will be chip timed by Big River Running Company.

Packet Pickup Locations- You CAN register, if you have not already- Thursday, Friday and Race Day. You can only pick up YOUR race packet. You cannot pick up a bib number for another person.

Fee Schedule for the Gateway Cup Cake.

  • $30 Prior to September 1st.
  • $35 Prior to November 1st
  • $45 After November 1st.

Note: You have to be present to pick up your registration- all athletes have to sign our waiver in person. Parents may sign for their children.

  • Thursday and Friday, November 6th and 7th- Pre-Registration and Packet Pick Up at Big Shark Bicycle Company, 6133 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis MO 63112, Thursday 1:00pm-7:00pm. Friday- 1:00pm-7:00pm.
  • You CAN Pick up your Packet on Race day @registration. We will  open at 6:30am. Race Start: 9:00 am. Race Day Registration will be $45 for the Cupcake Run and $50 for the Bottle Cap Dash.

Event 2: The Bottle Cap Dash Boot Camp Edition 5K Run

The Bottle Cap Dash- An exciting 5k "boot camp style" run for people who enjoy beer.  The course will have a minimum of 6 stations. At each station, runners will face a surprise fitness obstacle that will push them to the limit! After finishing each fitness station, collect a bottle cap to be turned in at the end of the race for a six pack of craft beer. For those of you who (gasp) don't drink beer, Fitz's Soda. Please bring something to carry your bottle caps...(pockets, hands, cheeks, fanny pack, purse, murse, etc.) 

Awards: Awards to top three in each age group. Top 5 Men and Women Overall will recieve TBD Amazing Awards.

Top Male and Female Overall Prizes: We have two SPECIAL AWARDS for the top finishers.

Age Groups: (Men and Women): 8-20, 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 & 70+


Schwag: All Athletes over 21 will receive up to a mixed 6 pack of beer from the bottle caps selected and a Collector/commemorative pint glass. Youths will recieve a Half Pint Glass (of course.)

Race and Route Information: Race course is on the grass field of Central Field. 

Packet pickup: Same as for Gateway Cup Cake Race.  Race day registration opens at 6:30am. Race Start: 11:00am.

Youth 1.5k Boot Camp Edition (15 and uner only)-a 1.5k run witha minimum of 4 fitness challenges. Youth can collect up to 4 bottle caps for a four pack of Fitz's Soda. This event will also be chip timed. Cost: $18 before October 1st, $22 before November 1st, $25 after and on race day.

Youth Awards: Top 5 Overall Boys and Girls.

Timing Provided by Big River Race Management. we guarantee custom drawstring goody bags to the first 1500 participants.

Event times:

Gateway Cupcake 5k Run & Walk: 9:00 am

Bottle Cap Dash Boot Camp Edition 5k: 11:00 am (please note, depending on entries, start could be in waves)

Youth Soda Bottle Cap Mini Boot Camp Edition 1.5K: 1:00 pm

Entry/Donation, Individual Events:

Register for both events and save $15.

Gateway Cup Cake 5k Run & Walk: $30 prior to 9/1/2014, $35 after 9/1/2014 (advance registration closes on 11/5). Race Day registration is $45

Bottle Cap Dash:

  • $32 before September 1st 
  • $37 prior to November 1st
  • $42 after November 2nd
  • (Note- based on the quantity of entries- we may opt to start in waves TBA)
  • Race Day registration is $50


Click Below RunReg Link to Register

Head start anyone? All entries received by Tuesday, October 15th will be eligible to take ‘The Quiz.’ Note- You must be 21 or older to participate in "The Quiz."

Entrants will receive a code to take a quiz of twenty questions.  You will have 24 hours to complete the quiz.  Based upon your score, you could receive a head start.  "The Quiz" is valid for the Bottle Cap Dash event ONLY. To be eligible for ‘The Quiz’ you must sign up by October 15th. Note- we must have a YOUR email address in our registration in order to recieve the "The Quiz"- if you were registered by someone else make sure that they input your personal/unique email address. (No Exceptions)

Parking: All participants are encouraged to park in the Lower Muny Parking Lot.

Post Race Hunger?  Throughout the event, food trucks serving fresh local fare will be on site at the Start/Finish. 

Shameless Plug: Check out the MO Stache Dash 5k on November 22nd. Where the competition gets hairy. REALLY hairy!


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 A joint Big Shark Bicycle Company & Lift For Life Academy production

Photos can be found on our Facebook Page

Race Results

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Gateway Cup Cake Race Course

Bottle Cap Dash Race Course (prelim)

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pick up someone elses race packet? No. You can only pick up YOUR personal packet- and you must bring a drivers license or photo ID. We have to have our insurance waiver signed by the athlete in person with ID present.

Where should I park? We strongly recommend parking at the Upper Muny parking lot, the Lower Muny parking lot or the Visitors Center parking lot.

Can I park along the street? PLEASE park in the above parking lots and not on the street, regardless if it’s off the race course. We would like race course and surrounding streets to be clear of vehicles so runners have a clear path throughout the race. We can’t thank you enough for helping free the course and surrounding streets of parked vehicles.

What is a cupcake corral? The cupcake corrals will be the designated areas along the course where you can consume a time-saving cupcake. You can only eat your cupcake in the corral. Cupcakes must be consumed in the corral prior to continuing on the course. The corrals will be a fenced-in cupcake consumption courtyard. Cupcake Corrals will be located at KM 1, KM 2, KM 3, KM 4 and just prior to the finish line.

If I’m a cupcake eater, what if I don’t eat a cupcake? If you choose not to eat a cupcake you will be scored as a normal non-cupcake consuming competitor.

What are the cupcake sizes? Cupcakes offered in the cupcake corrals will be Miniature (two-minute time bonus) and Standard (five-minute time bonus). You will only be able to eat one cupcake per corral, so choose wisely.

How do you know I’ve eaten a cupcake and how will my time be adjusted? Each cupcake will have a small plastic number, either a 2 or a 5. It is your responsibility to keep your number until the end of the race. We will add up and deduct your time at the finish line. Don’t lose your numbers or you’ll be outta luck. Example: If you eat 3 x Miniatures (six-minute time deductions) and 2 x Standards (10-minute time deductions) and run an unadjusted 30 minute 5K, your Cupcake Adjusted Time will be 14 minutes. Way fast.

Will youth be responsible for eating a full cupcake? Yup.

How young is too young? You have to be over 8 years old to do either the Cupcake Run or the Youth Obstacle 1.5K. Strollers are legal in the Cupcake Run.

What am I getting into? The Gateway Cupcake 5k Run & Walk and the Bottle Cap Dash Boot Camp Edition 5k  are designed to give you a good workout as well as leaving you with a fun and enjoyable experience. 

How much advance start will I receive by taking the quiz?  The quiz is a fun and voluntary part of the pre-event hype for only the Bottle Cap Dash if registered by October 15th. You will have 24 hours to complete and submit the quiz online. At packet pickup, based on your results, you could receive a head start from the main pack. You will receive a special sticker at packet pickup that you will attach to your race bib. We have instructed all business and sponsors that have questions in the quiz to give wrong answers, just to keep things interesting. The real answers can be found on websites, Facebook, blogs and basic online searches. Please note the quiz is for fun. You will not get an advanced degree or a better paying job, only the satisfaction that you will be getting a head start on your fellow competitors.

What if I don’t try Fitness Station? Obstacles are designed to be challenging, fun and not overwhelming. However, if you would prefer to pass on an obstacle, you will be instructed by the obstacle manager to sit out for a period of time, depending on the level of difficulty level.

Will I get wet and muddy? Short answer: If it rains, yes.

What is a mystery bottle cap? At designated bottle cap selection points, you could have an opportunity to select a blank bottle cap. It is a complete gamble whether that mystery cap is a good brew or a questionable brew. You might hit it big, or you might end up with a beer that was produced for the purposes of a bad day at work.

What do I carry bottle caps in? Bring something in which to carry your bottlecaps. Pouch, Fanny Pack, etc.

When do I collect my brews? After the finish line, at your leisure, you can turn in your caps from those selected beers at the beer station to take home. Enjoy!

What if it rains?  We will attempt to have the race as long as it is a safe and an enjoyable experience. If fitness stations or areas of the course are too questionable as to safety, we will close those areas.

Will non-alcoholic choices be available? You bet! Fitz’s Soda bottle caps will be available as a choice among beer caps.

What are the Fitness Challenges? There will be a variety. Be prepared for 'old school President's Fitness Challenge' to just thinks to you sweat - and of course there will be surprises.

Will food and drink be available? Local food trucks will provide food for an additional cost.

Please note: This is a fundraiser for a charity, Lift For Life Academy. We will do our best to have the event as long as it is safe. If the race is cancelled, due to inclement weather, there will be no refunds. Participants in each event will shirts for each event they enter, cupcakes on course, and a six-pack of beer for completing the Bottle Cap Dash.